About us

Software company & System integrator

Our purpose

To be the best technological partner for SMEs who want to be market leaders using leading edge technologies.

We support digital transformation by helping to use new business models with Industry 4.0 and Web 3.0.

Our goal in Industry 4.0 is to optimize the performance of machinery and plants through tailor-made software and create new work experiences.

In the Blockchain industry, we want to help companies who want to invest in the future by supporting them in the development of Dapp and Smart Contract.

We bring Industrial Internet of Things and Blockchain innovation to SMEs. We realize the interconnection between machines, software and people with intuitive applications that make easy the human-machine interaction.
Laura Pagan
CEO & Co-Founder

About us

Software company specialized in custom software development

We are specialized in custom software development and system integration in the most innovative areas: Agritech, Blockchain and Industry 4.0.

We offer bespoke, high-performance software that combines data from multiple sources into one user-friendly visual flow that enhances the work of users and operators in any business environment.

In over 14 years of activity we have contributed to the launch of more than 100 projects supporting companies with the development of complex web applications in agritech, marketing, digital, publishing, events and fintech.

We work through three collaboration models: dedicated consultancy, project and contract for R&D activities.

Industry 4.0

We deal with machines of variable complexity with PLC, inverter motors, analog and digital sensors. We connect through various communication protocols to the devices evaluating each time what is the best way.
We create the bridge between third-party software, such as MES and ERP and machinery through system integration activities to create new services for internal or external use to the end customers of companies.


We create software and tools that improve the data collected by devices, machines and sensors in agricultural plants with intuitive interfaces. Our software enriches existing functionalities with Analytics tools and allows you to control and control a plant remotely.


Since 2018, we develop decentralized applications (Dapp) based on Blockchain and developing Smart Contract.

We develop smart contract for the automated management of processes of CeFi applications, defi, wallet, tokenization and realization of NFT.

We have worked with different types of blockchain (e.g. Ethereum, Bitcoin, BSC) and third-party services like Metamask or exchange like Binance.

Specialized technical team

Software company specialized in Web Technologies and internally develop applications of all kinds: web, mobile, desktop, iot, dapp, blockchain.

We develop solutions that fit to the required business needs. We develop scalable and accessible software even in the absence of a stable Internet connection such as in remote installations.

We schedule the projects according to milestones defined at the beginning of the project but we redefine any changes in the running as foreseen by the Agile model.

Our main development team consists of a Project Manager, 3 developers (Junior, Mid and Senior) and a web designer (Senior).

Thanks to the Agile model, the customer becomes a participant in the process of creating the software completely customized according to his needs.
Domenico Angiulli
CTO & Co-Founder

Technological Stack

Development tools for our custom solutions


PHP, JavaScript, C++, Solidity, Bash, UML, SQL, HTML5, CSS, XML, Sass

Librerie, framework e applicativi

jQuery, Bootstrap, ReactPHP, ReactJS, Yii Framework, APACHE, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, Electron JS


Client/Server, Cloud computing, Edge computing, Fog computing, NoSQL, Ethereum Blockchain, Bitcoin Blockchain, BSC Blockchain, EVM Compatible Blockchain


Raspberry Pi, Arduino, PLC (eg. Siemens), Microcontrollori (eg. ESP8266), AC Inverter (eg. Yaskawa), Analog and digital sensors

Tecnologie e protocolli di comunicazione

Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE), Bluetooth, BLE, USB, HTTP/HTTPS, UDP, FTP, IPv6, WebRTC, RS485, RS422, RS232, TCP/IP, MQTT, Modbus, Profibus, Canbus, Blockchain

Focus in Custom Software Development

We develop custom software in white label

We develop custom applications, also in white label, for devices and machinery of all types or we develop applications that are based on Blockchain and Smart Contract.

Our project development method
Agile Approach

We always keep customers updated on every stage of the software development process.
From the business analysis phase through UX / UI, to application development to release and ongoing support.


    We collect project requirements, define in detail the features to be developed and analyze the different scenarios.


    We create app layouts for different use cases with wireframes and create graphics based on your feedback.


    After accepting the presented UI and UX, we develop the interfaces for Frontend and Backend, the project core and the APIs using the SCRUM and KANBAN methodologies.


    The project is tested for a long time not only during the development stage but also after the final release with field tests.


    At this stage your project works and is online. We keep it updated according to the requirements of recent operating systems and browsers.

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