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Custom IoT app Development

We develop web and mobile applications for IoT, we are specialized in Industrial IoT and we connect to any device making it smart.

Data Analytics & Integrations

We collect data through best practices from open data, sensors, and other devices. By analyzing the data collected, decision-making processes can be improved.

UI & Data Visualization

Data has poor value if it is not processed, structured and presented in the right way. We develop eye-catching IoT Data Visualization.

Custom App Development

We develop custom web and mobile applications and integrate with third-party solutions.

We bring life to any device

Both non-digital natives and the latest generation

With custom solutions we make systems smart.
We connect devices and people with machine-to-machine or machine-to-human communications.

We can integrate with any type of device, even those that have custom communication protocols.

Oltre 2400+Dispositivi diventati Smart

19 Plants

Between Europe and Latin America

477 Control Units

Managed remotely 24/7

943 Sensors

Analyzed in Real-Time

915 Actuators

Controlled remotely 24/7


System of IoT Cattle Monitoring through
radio collar for animals geolocalization

We have developed a Web Application for the catle monitoring system through GPS localizator of AllNets. This App interfaces with the GPS radio collard worn by cattle who graze freely. It allows to check the position and temperature of the animal in real-time.

Don't lose your pets anymore!

If you also want to monitor your animals, locate them and understand what they are doing, fill in the data below and you will receive all the information to buy the radio collars and use our software.

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Specialized on
IoT App Development

We are a software company that develops web and mobile applications dedicated to industrial IoT.
We develop scalable and high quality custom solutions.
We integrate with any device even those with non-standard communication protocols.
With our applications you can control, monitor and analyze anything remotely.



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