IoT app development

ORIMOS provides Internet of Things development services, offering customized apps that harness the power of connected devices to improve lifestyles and empower businesses with next generation IoT products.

Backend engineering

Our back-end solutions allow apps to track and communicate with devices through industry standard and customized protocols, while enjoying end-to-end encryption at all connection points.

to IoT

We extend existing business and consumer solutions into IoT, transforming connected distributed gadgets and gadgets into valuable resources that drive customer engagement or monitor and manage crucial data.

We provide Custom IoT App Development

We're specialized in developing applications for Industrial IoT. We integrate with any type of device, even non-native digital ones.

  • Custom IoT Platform
  • IoT Database Solutions
  • IoT Firmware Solutions
  • Sensor integrations
  • IoT Data Analytics
  • Edge Computing
  • Third parties integrations

We make the machines speak
same language

We connect machines and people through dedicated software according to your particular needs.
We standardize the different machine data by promoting the interoperability of the machines.
We are experts in standardizing the communication outputs of any type of device.


Plants between Europe and America


Control Units managed


Sensors controlled 24/7


Devices becomes smart

Our approach to develop an IoT system


We give voice to everyday objects, allowing them to transmit data in real time via an Internet gateway. To this end, we use communication interfaces and network protocols (NFC, Wi-Fi, BLE, etc.), RFID tags, beacons and sensors.


We design integrated and distributed systems to acquire sensor data and prevent loss, insert it into storage solutions and store it for further use or provide real-time information to endpoint devices.


We transform the data acquired by the various system devices into usable data. By creating specific layouts to use, classify and filter data in an intuitive way.

Why choose ORIMOS.DEV
to implement your system via IoT?

Specialized skills

Our core business is to develop IoT applications and add features to any type of device.

Integrated security

We consider security as an integral part of IoT application development and hardware design.

Usability as a priority

We analyze the feedback from the different sources and follow UX's best design practices to create Internet of Things solutions thinking about the end user.

Scalability from the start

We guarantee high performance of the IoT solutions that we develop, regardless of the workload, the number of users and the enabled features.

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