Big & Open

We collect and analyze data from different sources such as public Open Data or private sources such as Small or Big Data. We take full advantage of the scalability of the cloud's computing power to analyze data.


We use Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading tools known as ETL. We unify data from different sources and normalize the data to make sure that all devices speak the same language.


We analyze data and increase its quality with the use of best practices. We guarantee that the data collected is accurate, consistent, complete, correct and above all usable for the intended purposes.

Developing Data Analytics & Integrations

We collect and integrate data from different inputs such as open data, sensors, beacons and other devices through best practices. To make the collected data usable, we normalize and unify them.

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Open Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Integration
  • Address Validation & Geocoding

Our approach with Data


We collect data from different sources from proprietary or public devices such as sensors, beacons and others.


We analyze the data collected and identify the critical issues to understand how we can process the data in the best way.


We put best practices into practice to normalize data and standardize databases. So that the end user can view the result as a single consistent flow.


We make the single flow of data processed available to the system in question. And we create special layouts to use, classify and filter data in an intuitive way.

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