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Specialized in custom software development
for any application area

Web application development
App mobile development
Tools development
API development
MVP development
UI/UX development

Interconnection 4.0
Industrial IoT
PLC/MES integration
PLC software development
Web HMI development
Process digitization

Bitcoin nodes creation
Ethereum nodes creation
Token development
FinTech app development
Smart Contract development
KYC integration

Data Analytics
Data Quality
Data Management
Data Visualization
Data Cleaning
ETL processes

Technical and specialized skills to support your business and your machinery.

We add value to existing tools or devices by integrating and adding the features of interest

We make work easier thanks to interfaces with intuitive data visualization via dashboard

Big Data

We normalize multi-stream data in a single stream through ETL processes improving Data Quality


We create applications for Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, smart contracts, tokens and KYC procedures.


We help companies to define the roadmap to follow to innovate production processes towards Industry 4.0.

We help companies to define the roadmap to follow to innovate production processes towards Industry 4.0.

Continuous assistance to keep up to date and performing your systems and machinery.

Our collaboration models

We help your company to reach goals

Team Extension

We provide Junior, Mid and Senior contractors to support internal business activities. Our developers offer specialized skills and availability in line with company targets.

Managed projects

We define the requirements, milestones and costs of the project. We schedule project activities and, if necessary, we reshape requirements and endlines on the run according to project needs and according to the Agile approach.

Research & Development

We extend the company’s internal research and development activities by offering outsourced research and development contracts that allow us to achieve new business targets and products through specific skills.

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