CeFi Platform in Fintech

It is a fintech platform of CeFi type (Centralized Finance) for the staking of cryptocurrencies and stable coins. It allows you to invest in high interest rate crypto investment funds.

In the platform you can invest in different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano or Tether, USD Coin and more.

The platform was commissioned and developed completely from scratch from all points of view. We created the web platform and the smart contract for the blockchain.


2FA, KYC and custodial wallet

Security was one of the focal points being a fintech application. So we focused on integrating all the best practices that can be implemented in crypto and we created various levels of security for the user. From the two-factor verification (2FA) to the KYC with the verification of documents that allow the recognition of the identity of the person.

In addition, we have built all the infrastructure related to the exchange of cryptocurrencies between the user and the platform. Thanks to the smart contract developed it is possible the automatic management of the deposit, staking of the funds and return to the user with the accrued interest.

Smart contract

Tokenization, burn mechanisms and wallet management

To automate the mechanisms of funds exchange between the user and the platform we created a smart contract in Solidity. The smart contract deals with managing exchanges between user wallets and a Cold Wallet of the platform.

According to the principles of the token economy we created the platform’s token called STAKI coin in a predetermined amount and managed the possibility of distribution mechanisms (mint) and burn periodically. 

Strategic choices
The platform started with an MVP choosing to focus only on the web platform and the blockchain infrastructure logic. The choice to offer a multi-device user experience thanks to responsive graphics was fundamental. Because it allowed the customer to speed up go-to-market time and validate their business idea immediately. And already plan the new milestones for subsequent implementations that will allow the scale-up.
Laura Pagan
CEO & Co-founder ORIMOS

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