Geolocation and remote monitoring for transport of marine animals

Agritech solution that integrates with the previous system for monitoring the transport of live marine animals by land.
This App interfaces with GPS trackers and sensors in the tanks.

It allows you to verify the location, the speed of the vehicle, the water temperature and other conditions in real-time via a cloud platform accessible from any device.

User Experience (UX)


Before our activities

To locate the trucks and monitor the condition of the tanks, operators had to send an SMS request or wait to receive an SMS notification.

The system sent notification SMS to certain waypoints with the coordinates and temperature of the tanks. Monitoring was therefore on demand and not in real-time. Moreover, no logic of event history had been implemented and there was no remote monitoring application and settings.


After our activities

Operators can now control in real-time where trucks are located via a web application in the Cloud.

In the Cloud app, it is now possible to view on a map the route travelled by the logistic means and also to view the historical ones and to use analysis tools.

Now you can set different parameters of the conditions to be monitored of the tanks from any device such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

Strategic choices

The integration with Google Maps has greatly improved the User Experience that now allows at a glance to understand where the car and the route traveled. Using Cloud Computing we could increase the number of requests to the various devices and have real-time data, save them and keep a history of all transport conditions accompanied by advanced reporting tools.
Domenico Angiulli
CTO & Co-founder ORIMOS

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