Smart control of sprinkler bars in greenhouses

We have created an Agritech Software for the real-time remote control of the irrigation in greenhouses systems through water and fertilizers through automatic irrigation bars produced by Idroterm Serre Srl.

It is a system of industrial grade irrigation bars for highly automated professional greenhouses.

Thanks to our intervention, the sprinkler bars have become typical Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions for Industry 4.0.

User Experience (UX)


Before our activities

To control the sprinkler bars the operators had to be in the station where the control unit was located with a black and white touch panel. Through the control panel they controlled and programmed the bars to irrigate the greenhouse with water or fertilizer. The bars were connected via on-site serial connection.

Operators could not control the rods and check the status of the plantations at the same time. And they had to go back to the control panel and then come back to the field for every change or command of Stop&Start.


After our activities

Now operators can check in real-time in every area of the greenhouse, from their office or home the sprinkler bars through a web application.

Now in the app you can create programs (and schedule them), create irrigation zones, corridors and free zones or make the manual control indicating the position of the bar with an accuracy equal to the centimeter all at a click. Also now you can have a time estimate of completion of the program.

We have improved the User Experience and now you can at a glance check the status of a greenhouse and take action in a timely manner wherever you are. Now with a click you avoid operators kilometers and precious time that can take different.

Strategic choices
We have created a distributed application from which you can manage several bars together even on different greenhouses. Access to the application can be done both in the local area network (LAN) and from the outside thanks to encrypted connections. We also gave you the option to back up to USB Pen-drive and Cloud, as well as export data.
Domenico Angiulli
CTO & Co-founder ORIMOS
We studied the way operators work in the field and we chose together with Idroterm Serre Srl to give a lot of importance to the User Experience with a user-friendly interface in mobile-first optics.
We have created Data Visualization aimed at giving maximum visibility of data in real-time: the user always has clear the state of the greenhouse and the possibility to intervene immediately through buttons, notifications, alarms and status that are always clearly visible.
Laura Pagan
CEO & Co-founder ORIMOS

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