Production Data Collection Software for Machinery 4.0

We have created a solution for the production data collection of an Industry 4.0 machinery specialized in the assembly of electronic components where we have created the 4.0 interconnection between the Industry 4.0 ready machinery and the company management.

The custom made 4.0 software interfaces with the machine via the PLC with which it exchanges information and monitors the activities of the machinery.

The software allows to verify the status of the machinery, the orders in execution and the estimate of the time remaining at the end of the working in execution and the predictive estimate of the production time of the worked ones.


4.0 integration between PLC and ERP

The machine we integrated with was a newly purchased machine with a PLC and computer on board the machine ready for Industry 4.0 but not yet compliant for incentives.

The PLC communicated with the computer on board the machine with which it shares information in real time but without any type of 4.0 software that would allow remote access or interconnection with the internal management system. 

We have operated by interfacing with standard web-based communication protocols such as TCP/IP already available.
We have interconnected machinery and management through the development of software 4.0 that connects to the API of the company management already present.  We have thus created the 4.0 interconnection necessary for the qualification of the machinery as 4.0 through expertise.


Collection of production data

Development of software for the production data collection of a 4.0 machine. The software communicating with the PLC collects data on the status of the machinery and the work in progress and communicates the status to the internal management for the management of the warehouse.

The software has been made with a responsive web interface and allows remote access. Both from the local network and from the outside via access credentials encrypted by any type of device.

It is now possible to monitor the status of the machinery, the orders in execution and the estimate of the working time from any device even off-site via tablet and smartphone.

Strategic choices
The 4.0 interconnection has allowed the machine to come to life remotely and to be constantly monitored even outside the factory to check the progress of work or the possibility of machine downtime.
Interconnection 4.0 made the machinery compliant for Industry 4.0 and thus allowed the company to access tax incentives.
Laura Pagan
CEO & Co-founder ORIMOS

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