Live tracking of aquaculture facilities

We have created an Agritech Software for the real-time monitoring and control of aquaculture facilities for the Sinergia Service’s electronic system.

Thanks to our software you can check the environmental conditions and the
feeding of live fish and mussels in aquaculture facilities both within the facility and remotely.

User Experience (UX)


Before our activities

To check the environmental conditions of the tanks of the aquaculture plants operators had to go to their office, open the old software installed on Windows and monitor the conditions and change the settings.

So, if there was the need, while you were around the plant to have to change the temperature or the oxygenation of the tanks, it was necessary to shuttle with the office.


After our activities

Operators can now control the condition of the tanks wherever they are via a web application and can intervene in case of need.

Now you can see at a glance the status of the entire plant on a convenient dashboard in addition to being able to view statistical data.

Strategic choices
We interfaced with the control units produced by Sinergia Service through serial communication and proprietary communication protocol, making it possible to manage the systems remotely and with any browser. Now it's possible to upgrade the various facilities located in different parts of the world remotely, without necessarily having to travel.
Domenico Angiulli
CTO & Co-founder ORIMOS

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