Software for remote configuration of industrial machinery

Creation of a custom cloud software for the remote configuration of industrial laminating machines with interfacing with a PLC.

We have created a custom solution installed in a cloud server for the management of the machinery present in lamination plants remotely.

The custom cloud-based software interfaces with the machines through the Siemens PLC with which it exchanges information, monitors and manages the activities of the machinery including operations.

The software allows you to check the status of the machinery, view and configure the parameters of the machinery.


Integration between PLC and software in the Cloud

The machines with which we have integrated are produced by our customer, sold and installed in industrial plants.

The rolling machines were equipped with a Siemens PLC and a computer on board the machine for the configuration of the machine parameters.

The PLC allowed local and not remote control without advanced feedback on the status and historicity of machinery activities.

We created the interconnection between machinery and software in the cloud and the possibility of remote control and control, transforming the machinery in industry 4.0 compliant ready to qualify the machinery as 4.0 through expertise.

We have operated by interfacing with standard web-based communication protocols such as TCP/IP already available.


Configuration and historicity

Creation of a software in the cloud for the configuration of industrial laminating machines. The software communicating with the PLC allows to configure the machines with the parameters required by the machine remotely. It also allows you to check the status of the machines with any system errors and warns the operator of configuration errors.

The software collects the data of the state of the machinery, stores them in historical tabular and graphic form.

The software has been made with a responsive web interface and allows remote access. Both from the local network and from the outside via access credentials encrypted by any type of device.

Strategic choices
The online configuration of the machine and the possibility to verify the status allowed the remote operation. In this way, the company can give its customers access to a cloud panel from which they can manage in real time all the machines in one go.
Laura Pagan
CEO & Co-founder ORIMOS

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