Software development

Technical and specialized skills
in custom software development for any application field

Our software is tailor-made
and offers superior usage performance to generic solutions

Web applications

We develop completely customized web based software adapted to the single infrastructural case of varying complexity.

We take care of developing projects entirely from design, to graphics, to development, release and maintenance.

We develop portals, SaaS, platforms, 4.0 software, tools, management, MVP.

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, ReactJS, Vue.js
Backend: PHP, JavaScript, ReactPHP, Bash, C++, Yii, SQL, NoSQL, ElectronJS, Redis

Desktop application

We develop desktop software for Windows Mac and Linux with a Chromium rendering engine. We develop standalone desktop applications or HMI.

We develop applications with the same type of GUI and the same appeal as major projects such as Atom, Github desktop, Whatsapp web, Discord.

API development

We develop APIs for new or existing projects that are in the web, mobile or custom devices field.

We build applications that interact with third-party APIs or create API support for software that needs implementation to open up.

We develop API: REST, RESTful, SOAP.

Data tools

We develop tools to collect data from different sources: internet, sensors, machinery, etc…

We develop web tools and applications to manage data or launch data acquisition campaigns. We interface with third-party services that offer APIs to collect and analyze data.

Mobile apps

We develop native or hybrid mobile applications as needed for iOS and Android.

We take care of creating the graphical interfaces, developing the support APIs and the app management backend.

Languages: Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, C/C++, JavaScript
Backend & API: PHP, JavaScript, ReactPHP, C++

IoT App

We develop applications for the Industrial Internet of Things.

We develop applications that interface with sensors, actuators and controllers that can communicate with different modes: Wi-Fi, BLE, ETH, GSM.

We realize the architecture of the communication system by setting the intercommunication to be centralized or distributed.

Blockchain Applications

We develop solutions that use the distributed system of existing Blockchains, such as Ethereum, to improve security and traceability or we develop FinTech applications.

We develop smart contracts, cryptocurrency wallets, applications for the Ethereum blockchain, tokens, KYC procedures.


robotic-arm (1)


Interconnection between machinery
Custom software development
IoT app development
Development of an emulation environment for Cyber-Physical Systems
HMI development



Web app development
Mobile app development
Desktop application development
Dapp development
Sviluppo CMS, MRP, ERP
API development


User Interfaces

UI development
User experience design
Improved usability
Frontend & backend development
Web HMI development
Custom dashboard deveolpment



Minimum Viable Project (MVP) development
Proof of Concept (PoC) development
SaaS development
Continuous deployment

Our approach
to development an application

We always keep customers updated on every stage of the software development process.
From the business analysis phase through UX / UI, to application development to release and ongoing support.


    We begin our design work by identifying company objectives and priorities. In this step, we help your business discover the needs of the users of your apps and align them with the real usage of the users.


    In this phase we design the app architecture and choose the best suppliers. Finally we set up the architecture where the application will run.


    We create the first wireframes with the proposed data structure. We check how potential users will interact with the features of your app. Finally we transform the wireframes into mockups ready to be transformed into code.


    We develop the application engine and its possible APIs.

    This is the most important phase because it lays the foundations for a highly performing software.


    Our Frontend developers will transform the user interfaces designed in the Design phase into a usable prototype. We will make sure that the resulting product has the same look & feel as the approved design.


    In this phase we test the software made several times and once we have a stable version we release the application.

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