System Integration

We interconnect third-party devices and software, and run
them as a single system

We give value to every single tool or device already existing not to go to re-invent the wheel but to integrate ourselves and add the features of interest

Software Integration

We develop fully customized software adapted to the individual infrastructure cases and for this we develop high performance scalable software.

API development – Integration with third-party software – Custom software development – MRP, ERP, BPMS development – Digital Twin development

Data integration

Acquired and purified data, can finally be a single stream to show the user.

We develop algorithms and advanced ad hoc tools to interpolate data from different sources in a single flow that is fully usable for business purposes.

Thanks to data integration the user will not notice the origin of data from multiple sources unless explicitly indicated.

Human-Machine Interface

We define the user interfaces and the type of experience that the operator will have. We optimize work by reducing operations and create intuitive, organic dashboards that improve decision making.

Hardware integration

We interconnect machines and software and redefine architectural aspects. We define how M2M and M2H communications should occur and normalize the flow of data from different sources in a single stream.

API Development – Machine-to-Machine Integration – Machine-to-Human Integration – Data Normalization

Data quality

We normalize the acquired data, through ETL (extract-transform-load) processes to make the data an asset of value for the company.

We clear the data from incorrectly entered characters, arrange the display formats in a standard format, and eliminate coding errors.

Industry 4.0 Revamping

We help companies keep up with market demands in the industrial environment to be competitive on both the operating processes and the products they sell by offering their customers new user experiences.

Development of an emulation environment for Cyber-Physical Systems – Revamping of machinery through bridge solutions – Digitization of processes – Study and improvement of user experience


robotic-arm (1)


Cyber-Physical System emulation
Machinery revamping
Revamping boards
Process digitization
Interconnection between machinery



API development
M2M integration
M2H integration
Integration with third party software
PLC and MES integration
Data normalization



API development
Custom software development
Desktop software development
IoT app development
MRP, ERP, BPMS development
Digital Twin development


User Interfaces

Web HMI development
Custom dashboard deveolpment
UI development
User experience design
Data Visualization
GUI development

Our approach
to interface us with a plant and make it iot

We always keep customers updated on every stage of the software development process.
From the business analysis phase through UX / UI, to application development to release and ongoing support.


    We give voice to everyday objects, allowing them to transmit data in real time via an Internet gateway. To this end, we use communication interfaces and network protocols (NFC, Wi-Fi, BLE, etc.), RFID tags, beacons and sensors.


    We design integrated and distributed systems to capture sensor data and prevent loss, feed it into storage solutions and retain it for further use or deliver real-time information to endpoint devices.

  • 3WORK

    We transform the data acquired by the various devices of the system into usable data. By creating special layouts to use, classify and filter data in an intuitive way.

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